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    Our Story

    After 22+ years in the business, you start to recognize that you are only as good as the talent you're surrounded with. Here at CWS, our team has been able to evolve to a different level of service and business compared to our humble beginnings. 

    Of course, operating a small digital agency with as many facets CWS has isn't always a walk in the park. The nature of our industry is constantly changing. Because of this, we have always implemented a strong learning principle at CWS. All team members are encouraged to dig deeper into their craft, as well as to grasp the processes others encounter on a daily basis. We find it builds a stronger team when we all understand what success means for each member and, therefore, each client.

    Data-Driven Results

    MedEd Web Solutions is a national web-based organization committed to providing the healthcare industry with software, marketing, and website design solutions.  To help MEWS establish itself in multiple sub-industries of the medical world, our team at CWS knew the analysis of website  data and user behavior would be our guide.  With our expertise in developing custom software, and then marketing it, MedEd Web Solutions was able to achieve:

    • 287% increase in overall users
    • 408% increase in organic search traffic 
    • 63% increase in new customers
    • 2,419% increase in form submissions 
    • 256% increase in new sessions 
    • and 154% increase in page views

    Ready to Get Started?

    We’d love to talk to you about a new project, improving your current website, ramping up your digital marketing strategy, or anything else on your mind!

    Your All-Encompassing Guide to SEO

    SEO can seem overwhelming at first glance. Nonetheless, it's essential to the success of your digital marketing strategy. That's why the content experts at CWS have created a comprehensive guide to SEO, outlining everything we've learned about it over the years. It's the whole shebang!

    Download Your Free Copy


    Does Google See You?

    You'll learn about the best methods for making sure search engines like Google are seeing your web pages.


    Fix Usability Issues

    We'll teach you how to identify usability problems on your website so potential customers can easily access your content.


    Create a Keyword Research Strategy

    Which keywords or phrases are your ideal customers searching for? Learn how to make a keyword research strategy to target them.